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Drug Rehab Treatment

Drug rehab clinics, commonly referred to as addiction treatment centres, offer a secure and encouraging atmosphere for people who are battling with substance usage....

Alcohol Intervention Programme

An alcohol intervention programme is a planned and organised procedure that enlists the support of a person's family, friends, and interventionists in order to...

Top 10 Triathlons in the World

Ironman, USALondon TriNoosa Triathlon Multisport FestivalDATEV Challenge RothWildflower ExperienceEscape from Alcatraz TriathlonLaguna Phuket TriathlonTriathlon Alpe D’HuezBlenheim Palace TriathlonZalaris Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

Is Your Child Nutrient Deficient?

Shortness of BreathIrritableFeeling Tired All The TimePale Skin ColorMuscle WeaknessPoor GrowthLoss of AppetiteDry SkinFrequent InfectionsUnusual Weight Loss or GainBrittle Nails

Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Green TeaDark ChocolateTomatoesBrocolliBell PeppersSweet PotatoesWalnutsAvocadosFishFish Oil (Supplement)

Ways to Increase Vitamin D Levels

Sun ExposureFoods Rich in Vitamin D:MushroomsSeafood (especially fish)Egg YolksTake Vitamin D SupplementExercise Daily

Benefits of Fish Oil

Reduces InflammationBetter Heart HealthHelps in Weight LossBetter Eye HealthHealthy SkinBetter Brain FunctionsFights Depression and Anxiety

A Healthy Morning Routine

Stay Away from ElectronicsWash Face and EyesDo Coconut Oil PullingDrink Warm Water with Lemon and HoneyDo Stretching for 10 minutesExercise (Gym/Run/Swim/Cycle) for...

How to Build Lean Muscles

Eat HealthilyWeight Train - 4 to 6 times a weekSufficient SleepDo Not Take StressIncrease Intake of ProteinDrink WaterInclude Cardio/Exercise in day to...

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