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Best Triceps Workouts

Rope Tricep Pushdown In this workout, your arms are locked and the shoulder is extended accordingly. This helps in developing...

Best Bicep Exercises to Build Muscles

Preacher Curl In this exercise, your upper arms are positioned against the preacher bench and your chest lies against...

Stretching Anywhere

Triceps StretchNeck RollsShoulder StretchShoulder RollsShoulder RollsBent-Knee StretchChest StretchJumpsWalkCalf Raise

Exercise at your Desk in Office

Leg RaisesSquatsJumping JacksDipsWall PushupsCalf RaisesLungesWall SitPlanksCrunches

Gym vs Walk

Advantages of Gym: Building muscles.Building strength.A stronger and toned body.Exercise for the complete body. Advantages of...

Exercises while Traveling

In our day-to-day lives, we are so busy doing the jobs that we are not able to manage time for exercise. Consequently,...

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