4 Days Detox – Keto Diet – Indian Version

Early Morning: Drink 3 Glasses of WaterAfter 10 minutes, 1 Green Tea and 5 Almonds.Breakfast: Curd Bowl Full Fat + 1 Spoon...

Indian Diet Plan for Lean Body

Breakfast (Choose Any One of the Given Options): 2 Multigrain Bread + 4 Egg White Omelet/Paneer2 Multigrain Bread +...

A Healthy Morning Routine

Stay Away from ElectronicsWash Face and EyesDo Coconut Oil PullingDrink Warm Water with Lemon and HoneyDo Stretching for 10 minutesExercise (Gym/Run/Swim/Cycle) for...

How to Build Lean Muscles

Eat HealthilyWeight Train - 4 to 6 times a weekSufficient SleepDo Not Take StressIncrease Intake of ProteinDrink WaterInclude Cardio/Exercise in day to...

Best Abs Exercises

CrunchPlankLeg RaiseMedicine Ball Russian TwistMountain ClimbingAb Wheel RolloutSide PlankBicycle CrunchSide to Side CrunchPlank with Hip DipDead BugCrunch ClapToe TouchFlutter Kicks

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Anti-InflammatoryGood for HeartMay Prevent CancerHelp/Treat DiabetesPowerful Medicinal PropertiesImproved Brain FunctionDelay AgingImproves Skin

Healthy High Carbs Foods

Sweet PotatoesOatsBarleyLegumesApplesWheat BranBananasQuinoaBeetrootsKidney BeansChickpeas

High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

EggsCottage CheeseBroccoliGreek YogurtChicken BreastOatsLentilsQuinoaBrussels SproutsPeanuts

What To Eat in an Airplane

Carrying your food is preferable. Sandwiches A sandwich is a meal consisting usually of vegetables, sliced...

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